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Healthcare in India today provides companies with a unique opportunity for innovation, differentiation and profits. Our team at Inmacs help our clients accomplish their missions in today’s dynamic and competitive environment.

We share our past experiences and relevant best practices that emerges from engagements with other industries such as consumer products, telecommunications and manufacturing. We bring multiple industry experience to every healthcare engagement.

One of the vital components of our business strategy is that we provide a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage to our clients. We generate innovative concepts and ideas which are aligned to synergies across therapeutic areas and business needs.

We also help in collaborating several MNCs with Indian pharmaceutical firms to develop new drugs. Further, we also help them in developing patents for new drugs developed.

We work closely with companies to help devise and implement a turnaround strategy by plugging the deficiencies of management, technology, capital or partnerships.

We commit ourselves in exploring various innovative models to improve our client’s performance and profitability, viz. introducing telemedicine, focusing on specialty centres and day care centres.

We also commit ourselves by attracting several private equity players, who have been playing a significant role in various strategies of Indian hospitals. We also prepare de-centralised healthcare delivery models, which are the flavour of the season among private equity investors.

The demand for hospital services has been consistently soaring in the country, with every class of the society demanding better quality and standards of healthcare.

Realizing the continuous growing demand, many investors worldwide have expressed their keenness towards investing in the Indian hospital service market. We serve as a link between our clients and these investors and attract a significant amount of capital from investors.

We have also recognised the role of medical equipment suppliers and diagnostic centres that acts as a support system to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

We also help our client in the development of new drug delivery systems and devices.

We also help them in improving their processes and enhancing their productivity.

We also serve as the link between our clients and foreign players so that they could invest in their business and reduce their operational and clinical costs.

We also indulge our clients in exploring new avenues in the market and enable them to increase their penetration into non-metro/rural markets.

We are also engaged in key investments and M&A activities in the healthcare segment.

We consult our clients in Export & Import of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and medical equipment. We also help them in better understanding of the market vis-à-vis market prospects.

We commit ourselves in providing different types of assurance services in this sector. We make company’s internal control procedures which ensure compliance with various policies, practices and statutes keeping with the organisation’s pace of growth and reducing the complexity of operations.

Wherever possible our team carries out extensive audits throughout the year, across all functional areas and submits its reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

We also keep a check that quality benchmark of our clients is achieved by strict adherence to national and international standards.

We also prepare such accounting policies and make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent so as to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company at the end of the financial year and of the profit of the Company for that period.

We also prepare the annual accounts on a going concern basis and ensure good corporate governance practices.

We determine the financial risks and liabilities of the industry participants. We help them plan their tax strategies and policies.

We ensure tax compliances have been met by our clients at local, state or central level. We also ensure that export/import tax compliances have also been met by them.

We also facilitate and provide services related to tax accounting and reporting.

In case of any Mergers and Acquisitions, we make sure to integrate post-merger finance and tax functions. Also, we focus on the tax implications of transactions from due diligence through post-deal implementation, to mitigate risk and enhance opportunity.

In these changing times, we also provide IFRS operational readiness support.

We provide corporate income tax advice on cross-border financing and structuring, planning, risk management, transfer pricing and tax-efficient supply chain management.

We also give importance on advisory and compliance services for all aspects and types of indirect tax, including value added tax (VAT), customs duties and environmental levies.

We also cover employment- related tax services in case of immigration, expatriate tax return processing etc.

We can help you execute Effective health care strategies that will not only deliver value for patients, but also help industry participants’ sustain growth and returns to continue to invest in future therapies and improved outcomes.

Our focus is to channelize the Company’s resources in increasing sales force effectiveness and hence productivity. For future prospects, in-licensing opportunities are being considered, which would provide an unparalleled platform to launch new, innovative and complex products.

We combine our expertise in business process, technology, finance and knowledge of associated industries, such as insurance, pharmaceuticals and bio-technology in providing services to our clients.

We also enable investors to invest their capital in the healthcare industry. We understand the drivers and needs of industry participants, and we design our services to respond to their requirements. We suggest structuring alternatives to balance investor sensitivities promote exit readiness and raise opportunities for improved returns. commendations are based on diligent application of financial valuation methodology, informed judgment, research, and comparative investment analysis.