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While the present situation of the Indian Aviation Industry is already in blues, the Government has allowed 49% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to fund the dwindling aviation industry. The hopes are high, the industry, market and lobbies at the international level have given thumbs up and cheers.
We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport sector and can assist our firms’ clients in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.
Our team work regularly to share best practice and industry developments for the benefit of our clients.
We provide strategic guidance to our industry members in structuring its integration programme. This includes the overall approach, governance structure etc.
We prepare a comprehensive communication plan for external customers, suppliers and stakeholders. This includes the communication plan with trade unions, client’s staff and others.

We assess business and network plans and their impact on cash and liquidity and provide negotiating tools for use with shareholders, lenders and national regulators.

We also keep a check on issues related to fuel consumption.

We suggest to our clients operational and financial improvements they can make in this industry.

Member firms use our professionals’ knowledge and expertise, combined with a wide range of technical skills, to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

We provide a way of measuring the actual risk of the jet fuel exposure and the corresponding hedges and to enable the client to examine the risk as well as the cost of alternative hedging strategies in different market situations.

We prepare an action plan to improve or implement controls to keep risks at a desired level and Develop a risk management policy and detailed risk management procedures.

We also do a Quality control of reported information to prevent any material errors.

We also identify internal control weaknesses, if any and implement a “monitored internal control system.

We also review various areas such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Fuel procurement;
  • Treasury management;
  • Revenue management;
  • Contract compliance;
  • Debtors and creditors review;
  • High value procurement;
  • Landing and parking charges;
  • SAP authorization controls;
  • Statutory compliance; and
  • Freight inward charges.

We also check and review the internal solutions to measure carbon emissions under statutory regulations.

We provide tax advice to our clients to ensure it was aware of and comply with tax structures and regulations in its operating jurisdictions. We define a consistent approach to tax strategy in each of these jurisdictions.

We give them direct and indirect tax advisory services within their businesses.

We also evaluate the tax and regulatory environment for its proposed international operations.

We provide them with a deeper understanding of the tax and regulatory implications on their current and proposed transactions.

We maximise the tax efficiency of their operations.

We give necessary information to the client required on the issues relating to the acquisition, restructuring and disposal of business if any.

We optimize the financing structure and review the overall structure from a transfer pricing perspective

We accelerated strategic planning supported by extensive benchmarking.

We also redesign and manage annual budgeting processes, short-term and long-term cash forecasting etc.

We also indulge in financial modelling i.e. to provide the client with an understanding of the financial impact of their options.

We also help in bid process management, to ensure that the bidding process for this highly complex part is managed efficiently and generates the best possible bids for the client.

We ensure the right deal is achieved for the client.

We assist organisations in optimising their entry and growth strategies by providing end-to-end services. We facilitate successful joint ventures (JV) and provide offset structuring, transaction and implementation support. Our knowledge and expertise is demonstrated through our in-depth focus and understanding of the market and opportunities in this industry.