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Transaction Support Services

Inmacs not only advises clients on market entry and setting up of businesses, but also uses its in-depth understanding of the business environment to act as a sounding board to endorse business strategies to ensure that the client can harness them to the fullest advantage.
INMACS answers various questions that a new entrant has in his mind who is trying to get a project off.

  • Market Entry Strategy.
  • Size and Dimension of the Market.
  • Competitors in the market
  • Technology behind the project
  • Licenses and Approvals required.
  • What Image to portray.
  • Incentives available.

INMACS not only advises clients on market entry and setting up of businesses, but also uses its in-depth understanding of the business environment to act as a sounding board to endorse business strategies to ensure that the client can harness them to the fullest advantage

Financial Structuring
INMACS advises on.

  • Capital structuring of a project.
  • Means of finance .
  • Syndication and tie up resources from financial institutions and banks
  • Foreign institutional investors
  • Capital market including private placement of equity, debenture issues including funds for promoters.
    INMACS develops a financial model of a project, asset or company which quantifies all factors of a project and allows financial analysis to be carried out.
  • Balance Sheets.
  • Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Key drivers of a project are identified.
  • Sensitivity Analysis of the Project.
  • Observations are given for each element of the work.
Regulatory Approvals

In a regulatory environment which is fast changing, and governments coming to terms with issues such as de-licensing, ideological shifts and the emergence of global trading blocs, staying informed about the policy making process, its prime movers and influencers, are critical to a company’s success.

At INMACS, government relations form the core of our activity. Working at every level of Government, at the Center and in individual States, are a group of professionals with considerable experience and an in-depth understanding of government policies and operations. This key area of our activity has earned many accolades for our organisation and has helped boost our image amongst some of the most reputed foreign companies in the world

Joint Venture/ Foreign Collaboration
INMACS assists in

  • Identification of technical/Financial collaborator.
  • Formulation of collaboration terms.
  • Negotiations with foreign collaborators
  • Drafting and execution of foreign collaboration agreement, MOU’s and various Implementation Agreements.
  • Assisting the clients in obtaining collaboration approval from the appropriate authorities.
At the time of the Implementation of the Project, INMACS assists in making the dream come true and helps in

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Technology Management.
  • Devise the Operational Strategies
  • Cost & Financial Management.
Takeover, Merger & Acquisition
INMACS advises and manages the acquisition of businesses from target search through to integration. Our approach is to deliver a successful acquisition.

INMACS’s teams comprised of finance professionals and industry experts to ensure that the intended benefits are actually accomplished. INMACS is experts in:-

  • Defining the strategic objectives and financial implications of the acquisition
  • Identifying target companies and approach them anonymously
  • Structuring the transaction
  • Advising on pricing
  • Taxation & other legal issues
  • Negotiation for the deal
  • Compliance of Take-over and other related aspects
INMACS also provides consulting services to rapidly secure synergies and acquisition benefits. By focusing on the operating outcomes that strengthen the acquisition strategy in light of the existing business, we reduce the period of uncertainty following the transaction and enhance returns. In each business area, we provide technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, while acting as the focal point for the restructuring of the entire business activity.
Due Diligence
INMACS conduct due diligence on acquisition and investment targets. We review the business – its dynamics and processes as well as the numbers, because the risks inherent in acquisitions rarely appear in the numbers we create value by giving opinions and practical advice, not simply confirming what you already know.

NMACS have corporate finance, industry and tax experts, as well as lawyers and accountants, who are all directed at creating value by focusing on those areas where you will see immediate benefit. We focus on reducing and managing both inherent business risk and transaction risk to increase the likelihood of acquisition success. Our approach is not merely to identify potential problems and risk areas but to provide solutions as to how they can be overcome.

Raising Capital
INMACS’s advises and manages the raising of capital for management buy-outs, acquisitions, or to finance growth. Simply raising funds is not enough – we work to secure financing for clients at the lowest cost, from people they want to be in business with

Depending on the situation, our program is likely to include: –

  • Developing an appropriate capital structure :- Minimizing funding costs.
  • Tailoring an investment proposition :- Transforming the client’s need for capital into an exciting opportunity for financiers
INMACS provides valuation of business interests for a wide variety of planning and transnational applications.

INMACS provides financial consulting and valuation services concerning the value or appraisal of equity interests and intangible assets. In the course, we analyse

  • Ownership interests and rights
  • Historical and prospective financial and operating performance
  • Marketability and investment quality of the company or asset
    Our recommendations are based on diligent application of financial valuation methodology, informed judgment, research, and comparative investment analysis.