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We provide financial services and consultancy at central, regional, state, and local governmental agencies and public sector departments. We are experienced with government contracts, billing, and reporting procedures, and deliver technical excellence on time and on budget.

Our services related to government and public sector also include improvement projects, third party assessments and reviews, reporting, planning and regulatory policy development, and compliance audits for government offices and public sectors.

We at Inmacs, help our clients by understanding the increasing complexity of the regulatory environment, the need for greater transparency in operations and disclosure norms.

We also keep a check whether our clients are socially responsible towards community and environment.


We aim at improving competiveness in all aspects viz. productivity, technological capability, product quality, etc vis-à-vis .their counter parts i.e. private sector players in the respective industries/ sectors.

We have focused our efforts in keeping pace with the competitive environment to ensure economically viable operations and long term sustainability. In the process, several Public Sector Enterprises have become self-reliant.

We also help our clients to enter into technology joint ventures or strategic alliances and obtain by purchase or other arrangements, technology and know-how.

We also aim at providing management and strategic guidance to our clients.

We also work towards helping our clients in modernisation and expansion plan of PSUs if any. We also take steps in raising funds for our clients.