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Our experienced team at Inmacs is dedicated towards dealing with multiple financial services like banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution multiple regulatory issues, serving all major areas of the financial services industry.

We provide services to Banks including merchant banks financial institution, Insurance Companies, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Wealth & Asset Management Companies, Private Equity, Venture Capitalists etc.


We provide range of accounting and advisory services to various financial organisations across the world.

We establish robust business models and ensure quality management so that our clients are able to cope with the volatility in the financial markets and with the economic slowdown. We provide a definite structure to these models with a degree of flexibility.

We at Inmacs help our clients in strengthening bank capital requirements and adopting new regulatory requirements on liquidity and leverage.

We gradually help our clients in the transition to IFRS. The landscape of financial reporting will be transformed with the adoption of IFRS, ultimately leading to an impact on business decisions.

We guide and provide end to end services to our clients in M&A process.

We help our clients align their business operations with the market and business strategy.

We also design the entire strategy related to into wealth management business including business plan for a private sector bank.

We assist new entrants in drafting an entry strategy and business plan for establishing commodity futures exchange in India.

We help our clients in facilitating restructuring and re-organising their business operations market.

We also help our clients in identifying new avenues and growth strategies in the market.