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This industry has evolved significantly to provide a wide range of opportunities across the value chain, in both, the regulated as well as deregulated businesses.

The growing demand, network extension and upgradation, reduction in energy intensity, unbundling of supply services and growth of cross-border trade present various opportunities for this industry.

We have been active advisors to our clients in this industry and help them in planning, developing or scaling their business in India.


We help our investors use a mix of strategies Capex planning, advanced metering and outsourcing operations among other services to enhance revenue potential and shorten turnaround time.

We help new entrants/ entrepreneurs to enter into this domain especially in wind, solar and small hydro. We give advice to a number of renewable investors in planning, financing, acquiring, scaling-up and diversifying their renewable energy interests as adopting to renewable source of energy is the need of an hour.

Our team give advice relating to portfolio investment, capital allocation, financing, tax, supply chain, people and stakeholder management.

We help our clients in keeping a tab with fluctuating demand, price corrections and rising costs becoming a common theme in this dynamic industry. We also help them face the sustainable development issues as well.

We advise our clients on how they can strengthen the overall governance mechanism of the entity, including its strategic risk management as well as internal control system.

We review whether operations or programs are in consistency with established management goals and objectives.