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Studies and reports on this sector concur that there is immense scope for growth.

We have a dedicated team with expertise in business planning, financial modelling, regulatory matters, accounting and audit in this segment.

We have played a pivotal role in assisting organisations in optimising their entry and growth strategies, forming successful joint ventures along with complete transaction support and IT enablement services.


We coordinate, determine and maintain standards and help in granting approval for educational institutes.

Our market intelligence service delivers insights into the education and non-profit industry’s regulatory trends, competitor activity, courses, fee structures, etc

We provide investment research to help you identify the best opportunities in this sector.

We also help in:

  • Joint venture partner search and due diligence
  • Transaction support including valuations
  • Performance improvement
  • Developing State-level education sector vision
  • Sector/ Organisational restructuring
  • Institutional strengthening